Our body of work has five ELEMENTS, yet one focus: ensuring that every member is prepared to innovate and compete.


    We’ve heard your stories, shared your frustrations, walked in your shoes and collaborated with your teams. What you’re facing in business today looks a lot different than it did even as recently as a year ago. Just like programmers working with lines of code, we’re building new systems and changing the architecture of today’s Chamber. The GPCC is finding fresh ways for members to connect and reciprocate. You might say that we’ve developed a better user experience, designed around the complexities of business today.

    Here are our five ELEMENTS for driving members’ success:

    1. Business Growth: Connecting members to new business opportunities.
    2. Peer to Peer: Connecting members to real-time advice from other members.
    3. Talent Finder: Connecting members to great talent and talent resources.
    4. Technology & Innovation: Connecting members to the technology and innovation needed to thrive.
    5. Advocacy & Economic Development: Connecting members to powerful levers that can bring about change.

    The GPCC believes the future has never been brighter for Rhode Island’s forward-thinking individuals and businesses. Join us in connecting.

    Download more about the benefits of a GPCC membership here.



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