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    Rhode Island, essentially, is one big college town. With deep concentrations in academia, we have a remarkably large, well-educated talent pool for a state of our size. The problem for most businesses, however, is finding and tapping into that workforce. The GPCC understands that conundrum.

    We have solutions for connecting members directly to the best talent resources in the region. We work with local businesses, colleges, universities and technical schools. Keeping highly educated graduates in Rhode Island while attracting smart minds from outside Rhode Island is good for all of us. Rock star talent is the common denominator to every successful enterprise.

  • How to connect to talent?

    • Post your job on our jobs board. We use our top drawer connections to get your posting in front of business-minded professionals.
    • We aim to supplement your own recruiting capabilities by finding those highly motivated individuals who want to stay in Rhode Island to build their careers.

    Did you know that the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training has money set aside to invest in local businesses? We’re deeply engaged in workforce development. The GPCC can guide qualified employers to the dollars.

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