• Peer-to-Peer Connections

  • Connecting members to real-time advice from other members.


    Imagine having thousands of business peers who, as a collective community, are willing to offer you real-time, actionable advice? That's what membership in the GPCC provides you. When you join the GPCC, you're joining a passionate army of business professionals who believe in helping one another thrive in Rhode Island.

  • How to connect peer to peer? 

    • From C-suite execs to entry level millennials, there’s a place for everyone to engage. The GPCC offers high-profile signature events, virtual communities, members-only social media groups, industry exchanges and specialty forums on timely business topics.
    • Through the GPCC, get invited into businesses that you might otherwise never get to see. Find peers that you might otherwise never get to know. Build rapport, share your expertise and help another member discover their own “aha” moment.
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