• Technology & Innovation

  • Connecting members to technology and innovation 


    Innovation is an essential element of a business’s success and can be demonstrated in many forms. Whether it’s streamlining business practices with lean manufacturing, or enabling technology to automate what once was a manual process, the goal is to enable companies—old and new, big and small—to scale and pivot more quickly.

    Whatever and wherever the innovation appears, the business world is moving and changing faster than ever before. Companies are emerging founded on the belief that their innovation is a certain game changer, and established companies are continuing their success knowing that the key is to always be evolving.

    As this dynamic unfolds, the GPCC is right in the thick of it. We support and share innovative practices for not only the benefit of our members, but for the betterment of the entire business community.

  • How to connect to tech?

    • Measure where your company stands. Stay tuned for the introduction of our new "technology audit." You will be able to spend a few minutes discerning whether you’re embracing technology as you should or running away from it with a vengeance. We know it’s dizzying, so we’ve simplified it for you. And if you need a little help, we can connect you to our capable base of innovators and technology providers who can get you up to speed with ease.
    • Learn from others. Seek advice from seasoned members who have walked the technology and innovation path, faced challenges and overcame. And thanks to our deep reservoir of member-companies, younger professionals with natural tech talent are coming forward as well.  You will find them leading early morning “TECH TALKS” at the Chamber. They will be generating digital content for our website on the latest apps, platforms or channels, and delivering insights on how businesses can relate to this generation of consumer.
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