• Business Growth

  • Connecting members to new business opportunities.


    Sometimes a potential new customer can be staring you right in the face. And with the GPCC, that can literally be the case. GPCC membership makes it easy for you to meet potential customers, or people who can introduce you to potential customers, virtually or in person. Our goal is to constantly be thinking of ways to expose your business to the entire membership and beyond to ensure that anyone who should know about your business does.

  • How to connect to grow? 

    • Tell your story and show off your brand in the Business Directory. Members receive customized business pages complete with photos, videos, social media tools and logo placement. Drive your SEO strategy through provchamber.com. Don't forget to tell us all the great things your business has been up to lately for our In the News portal. 
    • Buy Local. The core of what we do is encourage Rhode Island businesses to do business with one another. Source your next trusted vendor through the GPCC, and let your potential customers know that you’re local and capable. Keep Rhode Island’s economy percolating through mutually beneficial relationships.
    • Access our carefully curated data set of connections. We have an extensive array of digital marketing tools to get your message in front of the right people. Our team will even coach you on how to use our proprietary information to construct your marketing campaign, and reach your targeted prospects easily through the GPCC’s multiple channels. 
    • Spend quality time with interesting people at your peer level. Our niche events are designed to draw business people into personalized affinity circles. We do that for you. The gatherings are informative and easy to navigate. Walk away with new knowledge that you can put to work immediately.  
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