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    About Us

    Free your space and peace of mind with Tidy Junk Removal and Demolition.

    Our Process is simple, just follow "The Tidy Up Plan"
    1. Book an appointment - direct to service or free quote and consult
    2. Allow us to create a customized plan
    3. Enjoy the relief of a Tidy space

    Our compassionate team can work with you to ensure your space is transformed to your vision. Yes. We handle projects from demolition through construction to maintain a safe and clean space. Our general contracting services are trusted by fortune 500 companies and homeowners alike.



    CVS Car Strike
    CVS Car Strike Demo
    CVS Wall repair
    CVS Interior repair
    Shed Demolition and Removal
    Bathroom Demolition
    Demolition to studs
    Hot tub removal
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