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    College Mission Statement and History
    Providence College is a Catholic, Dominican, liberal arts institution of higher education and a community committed to academic excellence in pursuit of the truth, growth in virtue, and service of God and neighbor.

    Providence College was founded in 1917 by the Dominican Friars at the invitation of Bishop Harkins to provide a Catholic education in the arts and sciences.

    Faith and Reason
    Providence College is confident in the appeal of reason, believes that human beings are disposed to know the truth, and trusts in the power of grace to enlighten minds, open hearts, and transform lives. Providence College maintains that the pursuit of truth has intrinsic value, that faith and reason are compatible and complementary means to its discovery, and that the search for truth is the basis for dialogue with others and critical engagement with the world.

    Academic Excellence
    Providence College is committed to academic excellence and holds itself to the highest standards in teaching, learning, and scholarship. Its core curriculum addresses key questions of human existence, including life’s meaning and purpose, and stresses the importance of moral and ethical reasoning, aesthetic appreciation, and understanding the natural world, other cultures, and diverse traditions. Providence College honors academic freedom, promotes critical thinking and engaged learning, and encourages a pedagogy of disputed questions.

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    Assistant Dean of the School of Continuing Education
    Category: Education
    Overview Develop, promote, implement, grow, and manage a broad collection of strategic professional development and customized business solutions programs. Plan and deliver programming aligned with the market, community needs, workforce gaps, academic and career pathways and the College’s priorities. Develop and manage the Professional Development and Customized Program portfolio, including, but ...read more
    Director of the School of Continuing Education Marketing & Communications
    Category: Education
    OverviewOversee the marketing and communications initiatives that positively influence SCE credit admissions, professional development enrollment, all stakeholder engagement, and school-specific events.Essential Duties:1. Create an overarching marketing strategy to develop and implement SCE-related marketing and communications content in all forms and media types, including all academic and ...read more

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    Carmen Aguilar
    Dean, School of Continuing Education
    Joshua Mitchell
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