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    The Knox Mission

    At Knox, we believe that your home is your best investment. Whether you are expanding or downsizing, we want you to keep your home and put it to work for you delivering passive income and superior wealth creation.

    The Knox Story

    A few years ago, one of our co-founders, Dave, did what the vast majority of homeowners do when it’s time to move: put the home up for sale.

    A year later, the home that Dave sold appreciated by $100,000. Four years later, the new owners sold the home for $200,000 more than he had sold it for just a few years earlier.

    Dave missed out on a huge wealth building opportunity, all because there was no easy way to turn his home into an investment property.

    Knox makes turning your home into an investment property frictionless; delivering passive income and a fantastic value growth investment. Knox handles every aspect of investment property ownership— finding a renter, running background checks, negotiating a lease, securing your financing, finding the right insurance policy, and handling all the maintenance. Once a home is enrolled in the Knox program, the homeowner simply sits back and receives a quarterly distribution.

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