• ...and the right connections are your path to success.

  • The more Rhode Islanders work together,
    the more we all succeed.

    The GPCC is Rhode Island’s only statewide chamber of commerce. We are the hub of connections for businesses of all sizes, in all industries and in all sectors. For many businesses, finding the right connections can be frustrating. That’s where we come in.

    We connect business professionals with peers who can provide real-time, actionable advice to help with managing growth, finding the right talent and knowing how to innovate. You won't find that commitment to connectivity anywhere else in the state. Our mission is to ensure every GPCC member is prepared to thrive in today's innovation-based economy.

    Connect over coffee and patisseries downtown. Connect through our branded social media channels. Connect at our carefully curated events. Whichever format you choose, you'll generate new insights and, perhaps, even help a fellow business professional solve a problem of their own. Members helping members doubles the impact.

    As an example of members doing great work for the community, meet the team from Figmints Creative and Design in Pawtucket, as pictured below.

  • ​How to put the ELEMENTS to work for you?


    Our portfolio of member-services can be distilled to five broad ELEMENTS --- where the common theme is the very tangible concept of connecting:

    Business Growth: Connecting members to new business opportunities.

    Peer to Peer: Connecting members to real-time advice from other members.

    Talent Finder: Connecting members to great talent and talent resources.

    Technology & Innovation: Connecting members to the technology and innovation needed to thrive.

    Advocacy & Economic Development: Connecting members to powerful levers that can bring about change.

  • Chamber member Deepwater Wind builds nation's first off-shore wind farm in RI's coastal waters