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    NEBSC is a consulting company with over three decades of experience in supporting companies navigate the waters related to employment screening in the 21st century.  NEBSC works with clients to ensure that they have selected an employment screening service that is compliant, cost effective and accredited. 

    In addition, we provide ongoing offsite and onsite training to our clients to help them interpret and make informed hiring decisions based on EEOC, Federal and State guidelines.  NEBSC partners with its clients to strengthen its internal processes in areas such as employment ethics, pre-employment applications and post employment screening.

    "Delivering compliant solutions to your organizations background screening program"
    Joseph Rotondo - President
    Joseph Rotondo has been working in the employment screening industry for over 30 years.  As an executive in the employment screening sector, he has played a variety of instrumental roles in helping a major background screening company grow from startup to a respected industry leader. Through his executive roles in client advocacy, compliance, and operations, he has contributed to business and revenue gains by revitalizing client relationships and positioning companies as thought leaders.

    Joseph arms his clients with tangible insights into compliance laws and product capabilities to help them solve their problems and transform their screening efforts. By implementing more efficient processes and establishing internal teams, he has reduced costs and response times while improving bottom-line results.  He works to strengthen sales team performance and culture through hands-on training, assessments and feedback.


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