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  • Welcome New Member Cody James Capital

    Cody James Capital’s mission is to build wealth, prosperity, and community through digital assets and blockchain technology by working with individuals, nonprofits and for profit organizations.  

    Cody James Capital aspires to educate individuals and organizations on how to add cryptocurrency to their portfolio. CJC seeks to help nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission by educating them on the merits of accepting cryptocurrency donations to expand their donor pool and maximize their funding options as well as educating them on the options available for holding their cryptocurrency long term.  

    CJC seeks growth by investing in cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technology-related assets. A wide range of proprietary fundamental and quantitative techniques are used to make investment decisions. While long biased on blockchain technology, CJC seeks opportunities to exploit volatility during overbought and oversold environments to generate positive returns. CJC attempts to stay grounded in this emerging industry by focusing on a few, hand-picked coins and projects.  

    Please feel free to reach out to Cody Shannon with your questions.  



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