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  • Welcome New Chamber Member youB, Inc.

    youB, Inc. is a global community platform dedicated to environmental and social responsibility (ESR)—for individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, local and state governments.

    People want to work for companies that are committed to wellbeing for people and the planet. Every company needing to attract and retain talent knows this, but what’s the recipe for being more ESR in your company? Where do you start? How long will it take? How much will it cost?

    youB for Business is our service offering for organizations. In coordination with sustainability professionals worldwide over the past three years, youB has developed a values-based assessment and learning tool that makes it easier for any company (big or small) to develop an eco-conscious and socially conscious workforce and also earn official recognition as a great place to work.

    Founded in 2020 as a public benefit corporation and based in Providence, the youB membership platform is continually evolving to support high levels of interactivity, learning and community building with content and workshops created by our members, feature-rich personal and organizational profiles, small-group dialog, community gatherings, fun quizzes and more. It’s also a place to discover like-minded people from anywhere in the world, or in your own town.

    Come join us today! Learn more.


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