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  • This Old Tree Podcast - The Birthing Tree

    There's a huge, spreading, 350 yr. old plus white oak in McMinnville, Tennessee, with a legend. It was known to the early pioneers, and it's now a state landmark tree. Listen to its story told by Warren County Historian Jimmy Haley, and former state urban forester Tom Simpson. Come along and discover the tree through the eyes of a real pioneer family.  Click here for podcast.

    Guests Jimmy Haley Historian Warren County, TN Tom Simpson former East Tennessee Urban Forester Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry Consulting Editor David Still, II Special thanks to: Gene Hyde Cheryl Watson Mingle Elizabeth Benton Dana Phillips Sorrentino Josh Abrams Michelle Sutton Photo credit Nick Kuhn Music Diccon Lee, www.deeleetree.com Artwork Dahn Hiuni, www.dahnhiuni.com/home Website thisoldtree.show Follow on Facebook or Instagram We want to hear about the favorite tree in your life! To submit a 1-3 minute audio story for consideration for the "Tree Story Short” segment on This Old Tree, record the story on your phone’s voice memo app and email to: doug@thisoldtree.net This episode was written in part at the What Cheer Writers Club, Providence, RI https://whatcheerclub.spaces.nexudus.com/about

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