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  • FSRI Receives $15K EMPath Grant from Bank of America

    At a time when Rhode Island parents are feeling the pinch of higher food and gas prices, Family Service of Rhode Island (FSRI) was awarded a $15,000 grant from Bank of America's Charitable Foundation for EMPath Mobility Mentoring (EMM) training. 
    This EMM training allows FSRI staff to equip Rhode Island parents with the resources, skill-building, and sustained behavior changes needed to earn economic independence for themselves and their children.

    The grant for EMPath makes possible intensive staff training in four key areas; Coaching for Economic Mobility, the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency, Goal Setting, and Recognition over the course of 12-months. The goal of the program is to help clients achieve economic mobility and move beyond poverty.

    “Providing Rhode Islanders with the skills and mentoring they need to fully participate in the workforce is critical to preparing for the future as we rebound from these challenging times. A flourishing economy, where no one is left behind, is a goal that we should all be working toward,”  said Kevin Tracy, President of Bank of America Rhode Island.

    EMM is a proven method of economic coaching that includes self-assessment, goal identification, personalized coaching towards goals, and positive reinforcement. The key training areas work together to provide a solid base that makes possible the achievement of individual financial, and economic mobility goals.
    "We're so grateful to receive this great training grant from Bank of America!  We are so excited to begin using EMPath’s proven strategies to effectively support our clients' journeys towards economic mobility," said FSRI Hope Division Senior Vice President Diane Shemtov. 
    “We are thrilled to have Family Service of Rhode Island further partner with us as they begin to design and implement a Mobility Mentoring-informed initiative for their community,” said Jennifer Lowe, Vice President of EMPath's Shared Learning and Member Networks.

    This grant is part of a larger effort, and FSRI is looking for additional investments to expand this program. If you're interested in joining us, visit our website for more information.

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