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    About Us

    Mindful Transformations is a global network of professional practitioners who have run businesses of their own in the face of the changing workforce. Our ultimate goal is to provide high impact processes and tools that empower individuals and organizations to unlock potential. We use proven solutions to effectively lead people through change with minimum resistance while building resilience, engagement, and productivity to achieve greater success. We offer both virtual and on-site consulting and coaching for professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes.

    Employees embrace and adopt new initiatives with increased engagement. Executing a strategy that requires lasting behavior change is one of the biggest challenges for leaders. We partner with you to create a structured process that focuses on moving people through change more quickly.

    · Be at your best when facing adversity
    · Significant, positive impact on efficiency, revenue/cost
    · Improve employee engagement and financial success
    · Key initiatives meet objectives with minimal resistance
    · 6 Steps of Organization Effectiveness

    Certified Predictive Index Partner and Talent Optimization Consultant


    Lisa Foster
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