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    Back Pocket Resources works with business leaders that are building powerful brands and understand the value of a trusted partner that can provide tools for change. Specifically we solve people problems through process development, system implementation, and training for our clients. Having spent decades in staffing and recruiting, we have a unique perspective to offer our partners that will create lasting change around who and how they hire. Through personal accountability and realistic expectations for what is possible, we can improve your culture, climate, and output.

    Having decades of agency staffing experience gives us a unique view of the candidate experience, and the tools necessary to successfully hire and grow a business. We can help your leadership team or HR department to develop the tools and processes needed to meet the goals of the company.

    We prioritize service and execution to guarantee that we are providing value from the first call. Through our discovery and deep dive we will genuinely get to know your team and your business as well as goals and growth potential. Of course there is always bumps in the road, and we will work to tackle them head on so we can keep you doing what you do best.

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