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  • Level – 4 Telecom Technician

    Posted: 05/22/2022

    Categories    Headend, Structured cabling & Telecom Technician
    Salary            $70,000.00 – $75,000.00
    Location        Rhode Island & Connecticut
    Job Information:

    Join the NetCenergy team!

    We are not just an MSP. Our ambitious leadership team is always looking for ways to grow our business. For years we have fostered a phenomenal relationship with a leading cable and internet carrier and this portion of our business is looking to expand even more. To make this a more successful venture, we need a talented, agile, and enthusiastic individual to help us to continue to grow. Our culture is authentic and open, and we are looking to create and inclusive environment where you feel you belong and can be the best version of you. If you are serious and passionate about achieving goals, trying new ideas, and making a direct impact every day, we want you to apply.

    We are looking for a Level 4 Telcom technician in the headend and structured cabling environment to join our team as a key member who can grow to help lead us into new opportunities.

    This is a very exciting time to join our headend/structured cabling team reporting to the director of infrastructure services. You will gain significant experience and exposure, building strong relationships not only across our company but with all our valued clients. You will lead our headend/structured cabling team to success in our infrastructure service division.

    Job Information Summary:

    • Structured cabling, installation of total integrated fiber, voice and data systems, networks, and wireless. Completes any additions, removals, changes, upgrades, and maintenance. Installation and maintenance of equipment. Installs headend equipment including iron work, transport equipment, and all infrastructures.
    • A Technician IV will be experienced in all aspects of the business. This Technician will have a certified level of ability in the headend environment that is outside of the general scope of installation and technical expertise. In charge of subordinates with a lower-level index. Responsible for the start and completion of each project must result in a quality, on time, profitable product that is presented to our customer. A Technician at this level is considered a lead worker or In Charge.
    Major responsibilities / Duties:
    • Review SOW and procure all needed equipment
    • Ensure the safety, quality, and efficiencies of our crew
    • Assigning specific tasks to subordinates and monitoring their progress
    • Completes quality assurance procedure and check the final product for errors
    Position qualifications/requirements:
    • Must possess a valid US Driver’s License
    • Think critically and problem solve
    • Organizational skills
    • Customer service skills
    • Minimum of six years telecommunications training and/or experience
    • a minimum of 5-year accumulated experience as a headend/structured cabling technician Preferred not required
    • Experience with DC power Preferred not required
    Benefits Include:
    1. Medical
    2. Dental
    3. Paid holidays (9)
    4. PTO
    5. 401k
    Send email to Nick Eckman, Director of Infrastructure Services - neckman@netcenergy.com

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