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  • School Support Specialist

    Posted: 04/02/2023

    Provides administrative intervention for students with behavioral problems and facilitates use of educational system opportunities and resources.


    Provides administrative intervention for students utilizing a behavioral approach to promote learning; provides assistance to students and families in accessing education and community services.

    • Receives students from classrooms or office whenever necessary to address behavioral or attendance problems and de-escalates inappropriate behavior utilizing prescribed administrative intervention procedures.

    • Works with students, families, and schools to encourage resolution of problems.

    • Confers with school administrators, faculty, counselors, and other student support workers regarding student needs and behaviors.

    • Communicates with other professionals regarding individual student needs and progress; provides information to BT staff, parents or guardians, and school staff regarding student behavior and consequences.

    • Conducts informational meetings and classroom observations.

    • Establishes and maintains informational records and files; collects data for tracking purposes and analyzes and reports on data as needed.

    • Interacts with students and families to provide information and assistance about attendance and academic expectations and requirements, available resources, educational opportunities, and behavioral expectations.

    • Supports students and families by providing guidance on how to identify, access, and fully utilize district, school, and community resources.

    • Makes referrals to outside agencies and BT programs.

    • Maintains assigned cases, making home visits as necessary.


    • Ability to successfully teach and present behavior skills and material to students.

    • Knowledge of regulatory requirements pertaining to youth care.

    • Computer skills in Microsoft Office.

    • Ability to communicate in an articulate, professional manner while maintaining necessary degree of confidentiality.

    • Ability to build relationships with school personnel, youth, and families.

    • Knowledge of the Boys Town Model.

    • Ability to adapt responses to situations while maintaining procedural and regulatory integrity.


    • Bachelor's degree or equivalent is preferred.

    • Previous experience including experience with learning disabled or behaviorally impaired learners preferred.

    • Previous experience in a classroom or school is preferred.

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