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    Posted: 05/16/2023

    The dining services at Rhode Island College serve faculty, staff, commuter students, visitors and residential students. Located in the center of Campus is our full-service Donovan Dining Center (DDC). DDC is an integral part of student life on campus as it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. Dining Services also provides catered services and numerous vending throughout campus.

    As assigned to work as helper under the close supervision of a cook by performing such duties as: to wash, peel, chop, dice, or grind vegetables, fruits, and other foods for cooking or for salads; to do other simple work in food preparation such as: making toast, coffee, tea, chocolate; preparing cereal, cooking eggs; making sandwiches; stirring soup; boiling potatoes or other vegetables; to assemble diet trays and as instructed arranges food thereon to be served to patients; loads food onto food trucks or paces food in receptacles in steam tables; to set up dining tables for service; and as required to serve food to persons in a cafeteria from steam tables; to collect trays, soiled dishes, cutlery, glassware, etc. after meals and to dispose (swill) of scrap or leftover foods; to wash dishes manually or in an automatic dishwashing machine and to wash cutlery and glassware and to put them in their designated places for reuse; to clean and wash food trucks, dishwashing machines, iceboxes, walk-in refrigerators and other kitchen equipment and utensils; to clean and wash down the kitchen cafeteria and related dining areas; and to do related work as required.

    As assigned to work as a helper under the close supervision of a baker by performing such duties as: to assemble materials and to weigh, measure, and as instructed mix ingredients by hand or in an electric powered mixing machine to roll dough, and fill pans with dough or batter: to place goods to be baked in, and remove them from ovens to perform such tasks as carrying materials to a baker or to machines, depositing ingredients in containers, greasing pans, lining pans with greased paper or other appropriate lining; to move racks or rack trucks of dough and/or batter, or baked goods to and from ovens; to clean bakery areas and related equipment and utensils and to do related work as required.

    As assigned, to work in the central food processing plant by performing such duties as: to work as a helper to cooks, bakers and meat cutters in performing such tasks as assembling, portioning, packaging and transporting of materials, to operate a pan and rack washing machine; to wash pots and pans; to clean work areas and refrigerators; and to do related work as required.

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