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  • Complex Director

    Posted: 10/05/2021

    Type: Full-Time
    Posted: 04/29/2021
    Application Due: Open Until Filled

    Serve and support a diverse professional and paraprofessional staff. Ensure that an appropriate quality of life is provided to an increasingly diverse resident community. Responsible for the overall administration, supervision, and leadership in the complex, and for creating a residential community that is conducive to the intellectual, personal, social, and spiritual development of the complex residents. Reside on campus year-round. This position will be responsible for managing a residence hall complex that may house students in various stages of COVID-19 quarantine and isolation.

    Essential Duties

    1. Participate in the fall, winter, and spring training sessions for the RA's; supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned RA's; provide feedback and encouragement to RA's for personal and paraprofessional growth; manage and process RA administrative reports such as weekly reports, duty logs, and duty schedules; meet regularly with the RA's both individually and in weekly staff meetings; supervise and evaluate the performance of at least one Graduate Hall Director; provide feedback and encouragement to Graduate Hall Director's personal and professional growth, and meet regularly with Graduate Hall Director to review current concerns and questions.
    2. Maintain up-to-date knowledge and clear understanding of the regulations outlined in the Student Handbook, as well as related legal regulations; enforce all applicable regulations as needed; communicate behavioral expectations to students through the periodic floor and building meetings with complex residents; conduct judicial conferences of referred cases for students documented for policy violations; complete and submit infraction reports to the Associate Director; develop strategies to reduce inappropriate behavior in the complex; serve as a member of the on-call rotation team for the campus, and deal with crises and follow appropriate College and Residence Life procedures and submit all duty reports in a timely fashion. Conduct Brief Motivational Interview alcohol interventions as assigned.
    3. Assume responsibility for the daily operation of the complex community. Keep the Director and Associate Directors informed about apartment complex activities, emergencies, and other issues of significance. Assist in the annual housing selection process and periodic room changes. Oversee the periodic building inventories and make appropriate requests for furniture and equipment, maintenance/cleaning work requests, fire safety inspections/drills, and periodic replacement of appliances and furniture.
    4. Create and support a comfortable, academically focused, and respectful residential community. Be accessible to residents by being available and visible in the complex; become aware of, and respond to, the needs, interests, and concerns of residents and make appropriate referrals to other College offices; develop and maintain a complex community by supporting, attending, and evaluating RA programs; assist RA staff in planning and developing programs; attend individual floor meetings whenever possible; and monitor and supervise RA programming, ensuring that all RA's meet programming requirements. Manage the complex programming budget, providing an accounting of all programming expenses and supporting paperwork to Residence Life.
    5. Coordinator of administrative projects including training and development, housing and facilities, and programming.
    Marginal Duties
    1. Perform all other duties as may be required.
    Education and Experience Required
    • Bachelor's degree in counseling, student personnel services, higher education, or related field from an accredited institution required, Master's degree preferred.
    • Minimum of two years of full-time experience in Student Affairs.
    • Demonstrated experience in the areas of supporting underrepresented students and staff, curriculum development and implementation, facilities management, staff training and development, crisis intervention, and student conduct.
    • Must exhibit good time management skills and ability to prioritize.
    • Demonstrated skills conducive to an abnormal workload and extreme time commitments.
    • Must possess good fiscal management skills and sound judgment.
    Union Status: Non-Union

    EEO Statement
    Providence College does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, national and ethnic origin, sex, gender, except where gender is a bona fide occupational qualification, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, or genetic information. The College will develop, and from time to time update, an affirmative action program and will insist on a good-faith effort on the part of its employees to comply with the program. The College will request and expect its agents and those with whom it conducts its affairs to meet the commitment of this important program.

    Requisition Number: AS465P
    Providence College, a primarily undergraduate, liberal arts, Catholic institution of higher education conducted under the auspices of the Dominican Friars, seeks candidates who can affirm and contribute to its mission. The College is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive environment that supports all of its students, faculty, and staff. All members of the community share a responsibility for creating, maintaining, and developing a learning experience valuing differences and practicing inclusion. We invite applications from qualified individuals who possess the experience, knowledge, and commitment to work within a diverse learning environment. Women and minority candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Providence College is an equal opportunity employer.


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