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  • Practice Manager

    Posted: 03/12/2023

    JOB TITLE: Practice Manager
    CLASSIFICATION: Full Time, hourly, exempt
    REPORTS TO: Chief Mission Officer
    SUPERVISES: Client Care Manager, Clinical Manager 

    The Practice Manager is responsible for the efficient and smooth daily operation of the Pets In Need clinic’s patient care, staff care, and administrative functions while ensuring quality pet care that is in accordance with the Potter League’s mission, vision, and value. The Practice Manager is charged with ensuring effective business operations that lead to the achievement of financial goals and good fiscal health.


    • Displays a positive attitude and acts as a motivating force for all staff members
    • In conjunction with the Client Care Manager and Clinical Manager, hires, trains, supervises, evaluates, directs, and guides the performance of the Pets In Need clinic team
    • Provides compassionate care to clients and patients
    • Fulfills the functions of all clinic positions, where qualified to do so, as necessary to cover lunch breaks, illness, vacations, and times of reduced staffing levels.
    • Demonstrate strong internal and external client service skills, navigating conversations with tact and Diplomacy to cultivate bonds within a culture of respect.
    • Know clinic procedures and follow guiding principles in making decisions and approaching challenges.
    • Look for cues of client financial concerns and be well versed in available payment support options. Work to remove financial stigma by addressing the financial conversation openly and supportively.
    • Works independently and with other team members/departments as necessary to resolve any issues that arise each day including, but not limited to, equipment breakdowns, HVAC and plumbing concerns, and utility issues such as the loss of internet and power
    • Generates daily, weekly, monthly, and annual financial and data reports, as necessary, and analyzes the data to assess clinic performance and determine strategies for reaching goals
    • Works with the Chief Mission Officer to establish and manage the annual PIN clinic budget
    • Ensures the safe physical and emotional handling of all animals in the PIN clinic’s care
    • Assists in maintaining healthy, safe, sanitary, pleasant, and clean facilities
    • Perform all duties in accordance with Potter League policies and procedures Follows all safety guidelines to ensure a safe work environment in compliance with OSHA regulations
    • Adheres to all Code of Conduct standards
    • Other duties as requested

    The individual who will thrive in this position:

    • Values meaningful work and the positive impact their work has on others
    • Embraces their own uniqueness and individuality and that of others
    • Has a personal brand that includes taking pride in being reliable, responsible, and a team player
    • Communicates directly, articulately, and kindly
    • Enjoys working in a fast-paced environment
    • Has experience leading a team in a veterinary setting that includes:
    o Appointment scheduling
    o Room flow
    o Incremental care
    o Payment support options
    o Accounts payable and receivables
    o Data analysis and reporting

    • Is an experienced Veterinary Technician with advanced technical skills including surgical support expertise including the administration of anesthesia
    This job description is not a contract - management reserves the right to change its contents at any time. This organization complies with the guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era. This organization is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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