• Title

  • Fiscal Specialist – COVID Recovery

    Posted: 09/19/2021

    Job Type: Non-Union
    Job Posting: COP-00157-21
    Salary: $74,258-$81,179
    Job Grade Level:
    Department: Office of Covid Recovery

    The City of Providence formally invites historically underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities to apply for its open positions.

    Job Summary

    The Fiscal Specialist reports to the Chief of Policy and is responsible for the financial management of all funds related to the federal COVID-19 recovery award. This position will manage all financial accounts, track and reconcile budgets, make projections and participate in the quarterly and annual reporting of funding expenditures.

    Duties & Responsibilities

    1. Monitor the recovery award’s budget and provide status reports to program leads, finance team, and Chief of Policy at regular intervals or as required throughout the fiscal year.
    2. Provide financial direction and concise fiscal status reports to the Chief of Policy and Finance Department and COVID recovery task force.
    3. Coordinate the award and disbursement of funds to community-based organizations, vendors, and consultant sub-grantees through RFPS and contracts.
    4. Prepare requisitions, track and document all purchases related to recovery funding; prepare journal entries when needed.
    5. Monitor and reconcile staff time and fringe charged to recovery funding.
    6. Establish and maintain financial systems, internal policies, and standard operating procedures to ensure quality record keeping and document retention in accordance with federal guidelines; regularly identify opportunities for process improvement.
    7. Assist in budget development for other funding opportunities in collaboration with the Recovery Specialist and Program Evaluator.
    8. Work closely with Department staff, vendors, and other City departments and personnel to ensure that financial issues are addressed in a timely and strategic manner
    9. Performs other related duties as required.

    Minimum Qualifications

    1. Bachelor of Art or Science from an accredited college or university with a specialty in accounting, finance or a related field and a minimum of five (5) years of experience providing professional accounting, finance, budgeting or fiscal management to include construction project or bond accounting; or a combination of substantially equivalent education and experience. A related master of arts or science; or certified public accountancy can substitute for some of the experience requirement.
    2. Demonstrated experience coordinating fiscal grant management and a deep understanding of 2 CFR 200: Uniform guidance regulations.
    3. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with staff, vendors, related City fiscal departments, and other City department personnel.
    4. Knowledge and skill in the use of software commonly used for budgeting and accounting, word processing, and office calendar management.
    5. Skill in writing concise and cogent documents related to finance and operations.
    6. Knowledge of bookkeeping, accounting, and budgeting.
    7. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
    8. Skill in analyzing fiscal data and developing fiscal record-keeping systems.
    9. Ability to prepare concise and understandable fiscal reports.
    10. Must be able to perform all essential functions of the job.​



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