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  • Teacher (Science)

    Posted: 01/04/2022

    Teachers in this position are responsible for creating a classroom environment that is conducive to developing in each student an understanding of scientific phenomena.  They create engaging lessons, explain complex concepts simply, and enrich classroom time by using experiments.  Teachers are responsible to facilitate an environment that develops critical judgment, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that support scientific modeling and decision making, and one that discovers and develops talents, competencies, and proficiencies to prepare students for college and careers in nursing and healthcare fields. 

    Student Learning Responsibilities:  Develops lesson plans, curricular materials, and supplementary materials compatible with RINIMC’s mission and vision and congruent with the Common Core State Standards and/or state GSEs; Works collaboratively in both departmental Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Common Planning Time (CPT) to ensure student learning objectives; Supports students’ social, emotional, personal health, and academic growth; works collaboratively with Student Support Team and Grade Level MTSS team to promote active listening, open communication, and problem-solving behaviors; Monitors effectively and collaboratively related to interventions and care plans of students to ensure that services are furnished accordingly, are adequate, or are appropriately adjusted; 

    Classroom Environment Responsibilities:  Creates an environment of respect and rapport by managing relationships with students and ensuring that relationships among students are positive and supportive; Establishes a culture for learning and serious scholarship that reflects the educational importance of the work undertaken by students and teacher; Holds high expectations supported through verbal and nonverbal behaviors for both learning and participation that supports students’ interests, talents and needs; Establishes and monitors routines and procedures for the smooth operation of the classroom and efficient use of time; maintains a neat, clean and orderly classroom that supports and encourages student learning with minimal distractions/interferences; Communicates with expressive and academic language clear goals for learning, explicit directions and expectations, thorough scaffolded content connected to real-world and student interests; allows opportunities for students to contribute to discussions and extend their learning; anticipates possible student misunderstandings; Uses instructional pedagogies, activities, groupings, materials and resources with attention to pacing and with optimal student engagement and learning as the target goal; Employs formative assessment techniques to guide instruction and interventions; uses data effectively to communicate students’ strengths and weaknesses. Aligns assessments with intended use, reflecting a sufficient number of items at multiple DOK levels, and scored objectively and collaboratively. 

    Professional Responsibilities:  Consistently, enthusiastically and deliberately promotes and models the RINIMC Pillars of Nursing: character, scholarship, compassion and empathy, professionalism; Strengthens skills and knowledge through reflection, feedback, workshops, seminars, and collegial sharing and participates openly and actively in professional development, mentoring, and coaching in a continual cycle of growth and reflection; participates in faculty committees, student extra- and co-curricular activities, and all required school functions. 

    JOB REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor degree required / Master degree preferred; Current and active Rhode Island State Secondary Education Certification in the content area as specified and mandated by RIDE; Current B.C.I.; At least 3 years of relevant experience; Urban teaching experience, bilingual applicants, and dual certification in ESL are preferred qualifications.

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