• Assistant Family Teacher - Youth Mentor

    Posted: 11/12/2023

    Starting Wage: $19-20/hour




    Provides direct care to children.

    • Serves as an active member of the family home program team; participates in measuring progress and providing input on goals and discharge planning.

    • Collaborates with courts, social agencies, parents, school personnel and other members of the program about youth's behaviors and progress, as well as strategies for teaching.

    • Adheres to reporting guidelines.

    • Assesses and monitors youth skills and progress to determine skill development needs and priorities.

    • Uses Boys Town teaching model by describing, practicing, and providing rationales for the use of appropriate skills/behaviors as well as describing and addressing negative behaviors.

    • Serves as a role model for youth by exhibiting skills taught in the program.


    Provides for moral, spiritual, and educational development.

    • Monitors, supports, and encourages academic performance and educational success (e.g., good study habits, quality of work, higher education, etc.).

    • Attends school conferences, communicates with educational staff, and builds effective working relationships in order to meet the needs of youth's academic success.

    • Teaches and models Boys Town values, including, moral and ethical behaviors and obeys the law.

    • Supports, attends, and participates in religious services, conferences, community service projects, and other activities with youth and discusses how these are applicable and beneficial to the youth's daily life.


    Provides and fosters a safe and caring environment.

    • Maintains a family style model by providing constant emotional support including the use of praise, positive feedback, individualized attention, and empathy to build self-confidence and respect.

    • Uses rational problem-solving techniques to teach critical thinking skills and assist youth with behavioral problems.

    • Monitors off-campus activities and observes interactions of youth during home, recreational, and leisure times for appropriate skill development and safety.

    • Adheres to all child safety-related policies and protocols to include reporting guidelines, behavioral management, and risk and self-harm screening.

    • Provides crisis intervention to youth out of instructional control which could include physical restraint.

    • Plans, participates, and provides opportunities for individual and family fun activities that are entertaining and educational.

    • Models and teaches parenting, family, and relationships skills to youth, legal guardians and caretakers to sustain a collaborative relationship through effective family engagement practices.

    • Nurtures and cares for youth who are ill and in need of medical care or assistance.

    • Provides transportation for youth as needed.

    • Monitors environment and ensures safe and secure conditions for youth.

    • Ensures safety in accordance with policies and procedures including youth safety, outings, and reporting guidelines.


    Manages budget.

    • Maintains appropriate spending and budgeting of the household needs.

    • Prepares and submits reimbursement statements (e.g., receipts and other documentation) to account for monies spent.

    • Assists with the managing and upkeep of maintenance needs for the home.

    • Assists Family Teachers as needed in the operation of a Family Home.


    Effectively collaborates with internal and external consumers.

    • Maintains contact with consumers to obtain and or give information, schedule appointments, and to coordinate activities.

    • Responsible for attending and appearing in court with or on behalf of youth as needed.

    • Assists with or prepares youth progress reports for consumers.

    • Writes incident/behavior summary on youth progress for administration.

    • Responsible for tracking, documenting, and communicating youth medical needs and appointments with consumers and administration.


    Florida Only – Provides Behavioral Health Overlay Services (BHOS) and completes required billing documentation as assigned.



    • Must have the ability and desire to work and live with youth.

    • Must have the willingness to work flexible hours in order to assist the Family Teaching Couple with youth and home activities.

    • Proven record of sound judgment and ability to work with children in a mature and responsible manner.

    • Must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care, based on physical, psychological, psycho/social, educational, safety, and related criteria, appropriate to the age of the youth being serviced in his/her assigned service area.

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.



    • High school diploma or equivalent is required. Education and experience requirements may be higher based on Affiliate Site location, Local contracts, and Federal/State contract requirements.

    • Minimum 21 years of age required.

    • Possess a valid driver's license with a good driving record required.

    • Pass an annual Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) check required.



    • Some college credits preferred.

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