• Health Care “Stimulus” Package


    We have some good news to share with members of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce.

    The GPCC is now facilitating the introduction of a new health care program that will deliver bottom line savings to both employers and employees and grant access to a specially designed suite of low-cost or no-cost wellness and telemedicine benefits. 

    The program is officially described as a “proprietary, value‐added medical benefit indemnity overlay plan.” It is an insurance program, filed and approved in all 50 states.

    Most importantly, this product does not replace an employer’s existing medical insurance plan. The two products work side-by-side and, when implemented together, drive down overall health care costs and increase business cash flow.

    Among other features, this “concierge service” provides many useful resources that can be used in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Virtually all employers and their employees are eligible to participate. 

    We invite business decision-makers and their insurance brokers to learn the specifics of this timely “health care stimulus” program.

    Email us at chamber@provchamber.com so we can put you in contact with our expert facilitators who can analyze your potential savings.

    Individual Zoom calls are being scheduled by appointment only.