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  • RI Leaders in Manufacturing Discuss Pandemic, Sustainability and Innovation

    RI Leaders in Manufacturing Discuss Pandemic, Sustainability and Innovation

    Chamber President Laurie White sat down with Stuart Benton, President & CEO of Bradford Soap and Christian Cowan, Center Director, Polaris MEP to discuss all things manufacturing in Rhode Island.

    They covered what the manufacturing sector has been doing in response to COVID-19 and the ways in which manufacturers have continued to bolster the local economy and produce PPE and other innovations to help us all get through the pandemic.

    As a follow-up to their May data, Christian unveiled the results of a July Polaris MEP survey of Rhode Island manufacturing business owners and top executives.

    Stuart talked about how consumers have become more focused on hygiene and cleanliness during the COVID-19 pandemic and how Bradford has responded with their messaging, offerings and practices. He also described the leadership role Bradford has taken over the last 4 to 5 years on sustainability and mission-based opportunities for their partner customers.

    Quote of Note

    "By sourcing all of our shea butter from Ghana, it empowers the women of the villages to have a voice at the table. So now, the women have organized together...they are bringing in more money than the men. So now, they have a voice at the table."

    - Stuart Benton on Bradford's support of global communities through sustainable and ethical sourcing 

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