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  • Arnell Milhouse: Leadership, Opportunity, Entrepreneurship, Equity & Hope

    Arnell Milhouse: Leadership, Opportunity, Entrepreneurship, Equity & Hope

    Chamber President Laurie White recently sat down for a conversation with Rhode Island business leader and entrepreneur Arnell Milhouse

    Arnell is a 2019-2020 Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Nelson Center at Brown University. He co-founded CareerDevs Computer Science Institute which reduces a four-year computer science education into an innovative twelve-month program which creates pathways for Rhode Islanders to earn $50,000 to $90,000 or more in demand-driven tech careers. 

    Arnell has also launched BlackLivesBiz, a national directory to find and support Black and Latinx owned businesses in their own communities.

    Arnell and Laurie discussed his remarkable journey from growing up in Boston, to graduating from Johnson & Wales University, where he studied Business Management and Computer Science, to becoming an entrepreneur and nationally recognized speaker.

    They also spoke about issues related to social justice, equality and making opportunities accessible for the disadvantaged.

    Quotes of Note

    "It's an emotional time for me whenever I look back at everything I had to go through to get to where I am now. And in many ways, I feel like the fight is just beginning as you look at the things that are going on nationwide."

    "Our students come out algorithmically strong, computational thinkers, and they're great problem solvers...We would love to speak with any company that is interested in hiring amazing software engineers."

    "It takes a village, and I am proud of the village that has come around to form BlackLivesBiz. And the founding team that we have here in Rhode Island is an all-star cast...So now, if anyone wants to support a black-owned business, they can search online, and they can frequent that business. They can go to that business."

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