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  • Accessible, Fast, Easy COVID-19 Testing for Organizations and Individuals through CIC Health

    Accessible, Fast, Easy COVID-19 Testing for Organizations and Individuals through CIC Health

    Chamber President Laurie White spoke with Rebecca Webber from CIC Health about their new initiative to help companies and academic institutions bring people back to work and school more safely.

    CIC Health's goal is to transform the COVID-19 testing landscape to enable access to routine testing that surpasses the strictest regulatory standards and delivers results quickly — within 24 hours on average — at a fraction of the cost.

    "We are very hopeful that we can find a way to support the return to pre-pandemic activity for you and your colleagues in a safe and affordable way," said Webber. 

    CIC Health handles the logistics to make it possible for everyone coming to your office or campus to get tested for COVID-19 regularly. CIC Health also makes COVID-19 testing available to individual customers who just want to go about their lives.

    "We will bring that fast, affordable, accurate test to be stood up at your workplace. We want to meet you where you are with your needs and your employer base...We've been doing this for months now...We've done it with more than 100 clients. We've conducted more than 100,000 tests at this point," Webber said. 

    CIC Health employs the testing capability of the Broad Institute, the world’s leading genomics research organization, and the clinician network of PWN Health in order to make regular COVID-19 testing approachable and affordable.

    CIC Health proactively seeks to help organizations with limited means and underserved constituents. Those may include nonprofits, small businesses, lower-income communities, public educational institutions, and others. CIC Health strives to help you find ways to implement and subsidize the cost of testing.

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