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  • Inc.: What to Do After You've Hit the Ceiling at Your Company

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    March 05, 2019
    As published by Inc. on February 26:

    You can start searching, start something of your own or start expressing your value.

    High performers are used to thinking strategically, working hard, and seeing the payoff. They come to work ready to achieve, and they look for ways to bring the whole team up with them. But what happens when all that hard work bumps up against a glass ceiling?

    Many ambitious workers see hard work as an ongoing deposit that will eventually result in the ultimate withdrawal: a promotion with a fat paycheck. But that's not how every scenario plays out in the end. Strict pay ranges, long-term employees with essential expertise, a limited need for additional managers and leaders who fail to recognize excellent work can all stifle employees' great expectations.

    Those expectations can, undoubtedly, be high: Millennials, now the largest generation in the workforce, are more likely to expect promotions in intervals of one to two years, and they're also more likely to feel bonuses and raises should be awarded more than once per year. While those figures may alarm some employers, they underscore what's really important to many workers today: recognition.

    What options do high achievers have when they feel they've earned more recognition than they're getting -- and it doesn't look like there's anything waiting for them on the horizon? While they may feel stuck, there are several steps they can take to get out from under the ceiling.

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