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  • University Club Chef Gary Comella Serves Up Pro Tips for Making Chicken Parmesan

    Thank you for this blog contribution from one of the Chamber's newest members: Michelle McCue, President, McCue Public Relations

    It’s time to shake up your cooking repertoire! Chamber member Chef Gary Comella of the University Club in Providence shares his secrets for great Chicken Parmesan on today’s episode 41 of GPCC TV. (Psst… this is the most requested dish at the University Club, even though it’s not on the menu.)
    Why watch? It’s an easy, impressive dish that you can make at home with basic ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Plus, Chef Comella shares some great Pro Tips that will get you thinking and cooking like a restaurant chef.


    Chef Comella’s Pro Tips: 

    1. Control the heat. Many home cooks turn the burner to high and then walk away, resulting in burned food.
    2. Use high-quality tomatoes. San Marzano is Chef Comella’s go-to brand.
    3. Taste as you go and adjust the seasonings to taste. Some people like more salt, more sweetness, etc. Cooking is personal.
    4. Instead of chopping garlic, consider using as rasp to grate it for a finer texture.
    5. “Wet hand, dry hand.” When breading items like chicken cutlets, use one hand for the dipping and keep the other hand dry so you’re free to stir the sauce.
    6. Clean as you go. Professional chefs clean after every step.
    7. Fat is flavor; don’t be afraid of frying in oil!
    8. Use a low-moisture mozzarella for this dish; a creamier cheese like Buffalo mozzarella won’t work as well.
    9. Sub regular breadcrumbs for the panko, if you don’t have them on hand.
    Tune in for this great Chicken Parmesan recipe and to watch Chef Comella in action.

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