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    Introducing our New Quiz about Refugee Resettlement in the US

    Elisabet (originally from Ethiopia), a graduate of our Refugee Youth Program

    These are especially challenging times for refugee resettlement in the US. With an 85% reduction in the numbers of refugees allowed into the country under the Trump administration, the future of refugees waiting to come to America is uncertain. Even if policy changes are made, it will take a long time to rebuild the system of federally-funded refugee support networks that were once thriving.

    There is also a great deal of misinformation being circulated about refugees, leading to widespread confusion and increased public hostility and suspicion. To help people stay informed, we've developed a new 6-question quiz that provides interesting facts and figures about refugee resettlement in the Trump era. We designed this quiz as a simple way for people to learn more about what’s going on. We hope you enjoy taking it.

    As an added bonus for participating, everyone who completes the quiz will have a chance to receive a special promo code that is good for 10% off their next order of granola and coffee. Just leave us your name and email address and we'll send you the code along with an answer sheet that includes more complete explanations to the questions and additional resources to help you learn even more. Please consider sharing the quiz and the answer sheet with your friends and on social media. People need to be informed. You can help!

     Introducing Noah, our Newest Intern


    If you were wondering who wrote and designed our refugee quiz, look no further. We are delighted to introduce Noah, our newest intern and the author of the quiz! Noah is a Sophomore at Brown University and obtained his internship through a college-sponsored "Social Innovation Fellowship" designed to provide students with opportunities for meaningful community engagement. As a Fellow in the

    program, Noah will remain with us for the entire year. We are lucky to have him.

    Noah is originally from Miami. He has a special interest in refugees since his father was a refugee from Uganda, having fled political turmoil at the age of ten. His mother is Costa Rican and he was raised within a mix of cultures and languages that has given him a real appreciation for diverse people and places. He feels he can fit in anywhere. "I enjoy adapting to my surroundings," he says. 

    Noah is double-majoring in Economics and Sustainable Development. When he graduates, he hopes to use his skills to help organizations develop sustainable business practices. He is a skilled writer and, in addition to the quiz, will be working on a number of writing projects including grants and marketing materials. Please join us in welcoming Noah!

    November's Flavor of the Month is Bourbon Pecan


    This month's featured flavor of the month is Bourbon Pecan. You won't want to miss this delicious blend of pecans, dark chocolate, Cape Cod cranberries and sultry spices, all mixed together with a splash of Wild Turkey Bourbon (Happy Thanksgiving!) Enjoy as a special breakfast treat or eat it right from the bag. As the days grow colder, keep yourself warm with this unique and luscious treat. 


    Want to put all that election anxiety to good use? Here's an idea:


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