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    From all of us at Elite Physical Therapy we want to take this moment to wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2021. We want to express our gratitude to you in choosing Elite Physical Therapy to help you feel better.

    At Elite Physical Therapy we truly love what we do, and we are committed to our mission of providing high quality Physical Therapy with outstanding results. We care about our patients, staff, and communities. Elite Physical Therapy is here to help you get your life back from pain, just like we did for this recent patient experience:

    “At Elite Physical Therapy everyone was extremely professional. My Elite Physical Therapist was knowledgeable in all Physical Therapy techniques and went above and beyond to develop exercises that would help improve not only my physical well being but mental state as well. He was readily available to answer my questions and address my concerns. I felt like family while at Elite Physical Therapy, always getting a smile and words of encouragement. Thank you for helping me!”- B.G.

    At Elite Physical Therapy we want to provide you with an exceptional, outstanding environment where you are happy and feel better. We value people and we value results. Your health and safety will always remain a top priority.

    Watch here to see how Elite Physical Therapy stands out.

    January is a great time to go over your health goals. Ask an Elite Physical Therapist any questions you may have about Physical Therapy. Elite Physical Therapy offers free 10-minute video or phone call healthy check ins with one of our Elite Physical Therapists. If you or someone you know needs our help to live life free from pain, be confident in your care by scheduling with Elite Physical Therapy! Our entire Staff is following all CDC and Department of Health safety and cleaning guidelines. Our Clinics are also set up with an FDA approved air purification system, so that the air is of the highest quality.

    Appointments are available in 24-48 hours, in-clinic, through telehealth virtual Physical Therapy, or for our Medicare Part-B patients in-home. Over 100+ insurances are accepted. Don’t wait, if you or someone that you know needs our help, please call us today.
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