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  • Providence Pirates Sponsorship Announcement for October 17 Combine!

    The Providence Pirates would like to formally announce their newest Combine Sponsor: Embrace Home Loans!

    We are very excited to welcome them to our ever growing Pirates’ family, as they will be sponsoring our upcoming combine on October 17, 2020. Embrace Home Loans has been a proud member of the Rhode Island community for over 30 years, and we are beyond grateful to gain a partnership with such an amazing company such as their own!

    Like the Pirates, Embrace Loans is a fast and strong growing organization, that always puts the customers’ needs ahead of their own. Helping thousands of homeowners and individuals across the region, Embrace Home Loans helps their customers look to refinance and consolidate their debt, lower payments, or obtain cash for important projects and life events. To learn more about Embrace Home Loans please visit their website at: https://www.embracehomeloans.com/

    If your organization would like to become a sponsor with our team for the season or for one of our upcoming combines, please reach out to us at info@ProvidencePiratesABA.com or directly to our Director of Partnerships, Mert Sunnetcioglu at 401-952-1855 or msunnectioglu@ProvidencePiratesABA.com. We are always looking to add members to our ever-growing Pirates crew and are once again excited to be a part of the Providence community!

    Please make sure to follow us on our social media outlet for all the latest news regarding the team, as well be on the lookout for our new Podcast series coming out next week as well!

    Go Pirates!


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