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  • Providence Pirates and ABA National Office Welcome Launch of the National Black History Museum

    The Providence Pirates, in conjunction with the ABA Basketball Association, would like to formally welcome the launch of the National Black History Museum.

    Indianapolis, IN…

    “The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced the launching of the National Black History Museum (www.tnbhm.com).  ‘Obama, Oprah, MLK Jr, Jackie Robinson, Louis Armstrong, Mohammad Ali, Michael Jackson and so many others of African descent are recognized and honored for their contributions” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman.  “But how about all African-Americans? They matter. They are just as important.  They Deserve a Place in History.  The National Black History Museum will honor them.’

    The National Black History Museum and the recently announced STAR program (Stand Tall Against Racism) are two of the first initiatives under the supervision of Cissy Sherlock, the newly appointed ABA Vice President of Diversity.  ‘There is a small registration fee for membership in the National Black History Museum,’ stated Ms. Sherlock.  ‘Proceeds from NBHM will go towards the STAR Scholarship program which will fund scholarships for vocational, proprietary schools and community colleges for minority youth.’

    Social justice has become a major part of sports with the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA all focusing on the subject.  “The ABA is taking this one step further with actions in addition to words  by providing education and economic empowerment, two things we believe are at the root of the problem,’ added Newman.  ‘The National Black History Museum and STAR are our way of making a real difference…fighting racism at its core and providing opportunities.’”

    The ABA is more than just a game. For more information, visit www.abaliveaction.com or www.tnbhm.com.
    Pirates Combine is less than two weeks away! Combine will begin at 1:00pm on October 17, 2020 at Johnston Recreation Center.
    Go Pirates!

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