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  • Providence Journal Invites RI Businesses to Join Free Online Directory

    From The Providence Journal: 

    With the outbreak of COVID-19, we are recognizing that our residents, visitors and businesses are struggling with many aspects of life and business that we used to take for granted. We at Gannett, as Providence Journal and Newport Daily News are here for all of you.

    Sharing information is key to getting all of us through this current situation and we are in a unique position to help our community with this information sharing. We are still delivering the Providence Journal and Newport Daily News daily. Providencejournal.com and Newportri.com sites are seeing significant increase in traffic as people are looking for local information on how to go about their daily lives as this situation evolves.

    We are currently in development of a free online directory for local businesses and organizations in Rhode Island that will be accessible on all of our local websites and promoted in multiple ways including in print, online and via e-mail and social media. This will include not only a listing of businesses, but also what businesses are currently offering and how things have and are changing. We need all local businesses and organizations to submit information about themselves and how you are currently doing business. To see an example of what this will look like, please click here to see our Cape Cod directory.

    We ask that all businesses and organizations submit a free listing here. By completing this form we can capture the required information and collect logos. We are planning to launch the directory on Wednesday 4/8, so please submit the information by Monday if possible. We also ask that you share this link and information with other local businesses and organizations via e-mail, Social Media and any other appropriate way.

    If you have any questions about this directory, please contact me via email or the telephone number below. We are also available here as partners to help you and your business in communicating with our community, so please stay in touch with us so we can help make sure we all emerge from this current situation in the strongest possible way.

    Thank you for being a valued member of the Rhode Island community,

    Michael Cesare
    Digital Strategist Rhode Island
    (315) 725-9154

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