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  • Richard Branson Thinks the 9-5 Workday Grind Will Disappear

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    December 18, 2018
    As published on Virgin.com by Richard Branson:

    The Virgin Group founder urges businesses to implement flexible work practices to get the most from their employees.

    The way we all work is going to change. One of the biggest barriers to employment in the coming years will be the rise of technology. But there is a middle ground to be found, which will end the 9-to-5.

    The idea of working five days a week with two day weekends and a few weeks of holiday each year has become ingrained in society. But it wasn’t always the case, and it won’t be in the future. I’m lucky in being able to work wherever I am, at any time, and don’t see work and play as separate – it’s all living. I think this will be the case for more and more people in the future, to the benefit of businesses, countries and individuals.

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