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  • Here's How We're Going to Reach 10,000 COVID-19 Tests a Day

    A Message from Governor Gina Raimondo:

    To stay up to date with Rhode Island's latest COVID-19 statistics, please check the Department of Health's new data dashboard for all the information you need about the spread of coronavirus in Rhode Island.
    By July, we’re planning to be able to test 10k people every day. That means every day, we’d be able to test 1% of our entire state’s population. We’re going to achieve this goal of 10K tests a day with a comprehensive state testing strategy: 
    1. Ensuring rapid testing of all symptomatic people. That means you should be able to schedule a test and get the results within two days. We’re close to that goal and working to speed up the process. 
    2. Reacting quickly to an outbreak. Our plan calls for an outbreak response team on the ground within four hours of multiple cases discovered in places like congregate care settings, workplaces, and other high-density areas. This team will also conduct rapid testing of any contacts who may have been exposed. 
    3. Creating an early warning system by testing groups of asymptomatic individuals. We know that this virus spreads rapidly in groups and congregate living situations are problematic, so we need to be able to test comprehensively in these high-risk settings. We’re going to do cyclical testing for other high-risk populations, such as healthcare workers and first responders. We’re also going to work with schools, universities, and private sector partners to set up early warning testing for their own populations. And we'll continue to do random sampling to get a better sense of how far this virus has spread in our community. 
    None of this will be easy, but I'm confident in our ability to execute for Rhode Island. I am confident that we are well-equipped -- and better equipped than virtually every other state -- to begin reopening our economy.
    We’re all in this together.
    -Gina Raimondo
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