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  • Deft Film Brings Business Owners and Customers Value with Podcasts

    Podcasts bring an enormous amount of value to both you and the viewer. They provide audio, video, photo, written, and graphic content to both parties. Helping you keep a consistent/solid online presence while bringing entertainment to the consumer. Depending on their current situation, people can choose listen, read, or watch your content. 

    When creating podcasts, the customer has to go through multiple stages: Producing the audio, mixing the sound, editing the piece, launching the podcast, and creating cover art for sharing.

    Deft Film is focusing on simplifying this process so that you can focus on your content, while we work on the rest. Right now we are focusing on creating packages for the most common levels of needs/budget. Similar to our podcast packages, we will have three, customizable packages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All offering different episode consistency and several add ons.

    Excited to release soon!

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