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    Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI) is a center for collaborative innovation that advances health and care information. We believe that all of us working together are better than an one of us acting alone. RIQI's initiatives align leading-edge healthcare improvement strategies with needs and opportunities in our community.

    As a catalyst for change, RIQI strives to facilitate improvements in health and healthcare in the state through initiatives that improve care coordination, reduce medical errors and waste, advance quality measurement, and engage consumers, patients, and families in their care.


    RIQI owns and operates CurrentCare, Rhode Island's Health Information Exchange (HIE), a secure electronic network that integrates laboratory results, medication histories, care coordination data and much more. CurrentCare provides healthcare practitioners access to real-time comprehensive patient information that facilitates the best possible care decisions.

    RIQI also understands the need for individuals to be actively engaged in their health, providing online access to their comprehensive health information in CurrentCare via a personal health record at CurrentCare for Me.

    RIQI's Center for Improvement Science (CIS) assists thousands of clinical practices in RI with transformation initiatives that meet their individual needs ranging from implementation of electronic health records and connection to productive use of CurrentCare, through full patient population health management decision support tools and service.


    Health Data Analyst
    Category: Healthcare
    Job Summary:The Health Data Analyst is responsible for operational aspects associated with data quality, use, and reporting within the context of health and health care.  This position develops and executes plans, policies, and practices that control, protect, deliver, and enhance the value and integrity of the company’s data and information assets for addressing needs to support high quality ...read more
    Contact: Kerri Serradas
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