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  • McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc.


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    About Us

    McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc. has a fifty year history of producing some of the highest quality products in the hose and coupling industry. The company was started in 1962. The expertise and commitment to their customers immediately established the company as a specialized fabricator of metal and teflon assemblies who serviced their customers and worked with them to solve their problems.

    As their reputation grew, so did the company. Additional product lines were added, and quality manufacturers who respected McGill's approach to customer satisfaction and proper product selection made their products and expertise available to the company.

    Today McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc. has grown to a modern 30,000 square foot facility located in East Longmeadow Massachusetts along with additional branches in Woburn Massachusetts and East Providence Rhode Island. Its commitment to quality and service has remained intact.

    As McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc. looks to the future they are committed to providing the best possible product to their customers knowing that as their customer’s technologies change so must they. Their ongoing effort to identify opportunities to continually improve the company's ability to provide an ever increasing level of product quality and customer satisfaction ensures that their customers receive the quality and service they deserve, now and in the future.

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