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    Arcadia Power is a technology startup that plays in the energy space and was created in 2013.

    Our CEO and Founder Kiran Bhatraju grew up in Appalachia in Pikeville, KY. The coal industry impacted the lives of everyone around him. He wanted there to be a better way to power our homes and believed that if individuals could choose clean energy they would.

    It’s never been more important. Climate change is accelerating and fossil fuels still make up 78% of the US power mix.

    At Arcadia Power, we are stewards of the planet and believe choosing clean energy shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. We build solutions to make it easy for everyone in the US to access clean energy.

    Today, Arcadia Power is a free service that makes it easy for people to choose clean energy and spend less on their power bill.

    We’ve built a utility data and billing platform that integrates with over 100 utilities across all 50 states, and we are able to offer our members clean energy and savings options all on one seamless power bill. We have over 300,000 members who are supporting clean energy, saving money, and getting a better energy experience.

    Our ultimate goal is a 100% renewable energy future. We’ll keep innovating until we get to 100% clean energy.


    Every Renewable Energy Credit purchase, big or small, demonstrates demand for more clean energy projects.
    Climate change is the biggest issue facing the world right now. At the heart of Arcadia Power, we’re a technology company that focuses on making it easy for consumers to choose clean energy.
    We believe that each and every exchange with a member is an opportunity to create a community together.
    We know that a diverse and inclusive workforce will create better products for the whole population; climate change affects us all.
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