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    Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
    Job Description
    Position Title: Business Advisor 10KSB
    Department: President's Office 
    Position Category: Staff - NonClassified

    Job Summary
    A 10,000 Small Businesses Business Advisor (GS10KSB) is one who:
    • Is committed to working with their designated small business owner scholars at the Community College of Rhode Island in a facilitative and supportive manner to identity their business needs and provide or obtain appropriate assistance 
    • Uses a model of community engagement to link scholars to other Business Support Services
    • Works in a collaborative and supportive manner within the classroom and in advising sessions to help the scholars complete the program and program deliverables
    • Brings appropriate practitioner oriented expertise to the classroom, along with an appreciation for theoretical frameworks
    • Guides the scholars through the Access to Capital program opportunities 
    • Participates in measurement and evaluation activities as needed (including validation)
    • Is dedicated to the program outcomes of job creation and revenue generation
    Duties and Responsibilities
    Business Advisors are essential to the success of the scholars in the 10,000 Small Businesses program. The BAs advise their designated scholars as to the completion of the GS10KSB deliverables and the growth of their business, support the classroom environment, and link scholars to business support services. 

    The specific duties of the GS10KSB Business Advisor includes:

    Advising and Curriculum Support
    • Meets with scholars on an individual basis at least 6-8 times per program (target of approximately 1.5 – 2 hours per meeting through a combination of in-person and phone/on-line meetings) to guide business growth with the final meeting dedicated to quality control of the growth plan and an advisor transition plan 
    • Assists scholars in learning how to use professional services (advisors) appropriately 
    • Works with scholars to connect them to external Business Support Services (local entrepreneurship ecosystem) as needed for specialty services
    • Works with scholars to understand, collect and apply business metrics to support growth
    • Assists within the classroom to coordinate group activities and support faculty
    • Helps scholars apply course content to their businesses 
    • Leads bi-weekly planning sessions to support scholar business growth 
    • Attends all GS10KSB modules, clinics and program events at CCRI to support scholar learning
    Curriculum Participation:
    • Participates in the national GS10KSB Training Seminar with a particular focus on:
    • Advising for business growth using the program deliverables (Growth Plan)
    • Techniques for facilitating peer learning
    • Planning and conducting individual meetings with scholars, including how to support scholars through the “Scholar Support System”
    • Collecting and validating baseline and graduation Measurement and Evaluation tools and advancing a metric based mindset
    • Understanding the content and delivery approach of the curriculum
    • Cohort Preparation at CCRI:
    • Connects with the local partner CDFI as guided by the Director of Program Delivery at CCRI
    • Assists in scholar recruiting as directed by the Outreach Director at CCRI
    • Reviews scholar applications as part of admission process
    • Reviews accepted scholar data (applications and baseline assessment tools) to understand scholar’s individualized needs as well as the needs of the cohort
    • Plans advising schedule and approach
    • Works with Program Manager at CCRI to create scholar profiles for program use
    • Works with advising team to assign scholar Growth Groups
    Community Building:
    • Participates in a quarterly call for Business Advisors with national partners (exchange of updates, best practices, new challenges, etc.)
    • Networks with business support services to enhance the local entrepreneurship ecosystem and to advance program recruitment
    • Engages in scholar alumni program events as needed assessment
    • Participates in assessment of scholars through measurement and evaluation activities Participates in assessment of curriculum sessions through post session debriefings 
    • Participates in assessment of program through team debriefing and review process
    • Other duties as needed to support program success.
    Minimum Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in business, entrepreneurship, sales or related field, is required. Advanced degree welcomed.
    • A minimum of three years’ successful experience in business advising for a small business clientele
    • Proven ability to work in a team environment and manage multiple tasks efficiently and effectively
    • Strong spoken and written communication skills
    • Ability to work a flexible schedule
    • High personal and professional ethical standards
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    Contact Information
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