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  • Craft Beer Entrepreneurs Share What's Hopping in the Local Brew Scene

    Craft Beer Entrepreneurs Share What's Hopping in the Local Brew Scene

    We recently kicked off the Chamber's new afternoon conversation series with two of Rhode Island's most successful craft beer entrepreneurs. 

    Dozen's of Chamber members joined us at our Bold Voices & Brews event to hear from Jeremy Duffy, Co-Founder/Managing Partner of Isle Brewers Guild, and Josh Karten, Co-Owner and Business Manager of Proclamation Ale Company and President of the RI Brewers’ Guild

    ...and, yes, after the conversation, we all got a chance to sample some of Rhode Island's finest craft beers courtesy of Isle Brewers and Proclamation Ale!!


    Jeremy and Josh discussed how their businesses got their starts, how they are thriving in Rhode Island, and the social and cultural trends fueling the growth of craft beer and local breweries today. 

    Save the date! Be sure to join us for our next Bold Voices & Brews event on Thursday, July 11 from 4 - 5:30 p.m. at the Chamber. The conversation will feature Ellen Slattery, owner of Ellie's Bakery and Gracie's restaurant in Providence. Don't miss out on the beer samples at this one! More details and registration information coming soon.


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