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  • CIC Bringing Health Assurance Testing to the Workplace

    CIC Bringing Health Assurance Testing to the Workplace

    Innovation Community Building in Downtown Providence

    Chamber President Laurie White spoke with Rebecca Webber, General Manager of CIC Providence about their ongoing work to develop the critical networks that entrepreneurs need to grow in Rhode Island through strengthening vibrant communities, building collaborative work environments and creating impactful programming to attract and support the very best innovators and their teams, all with health and safety as the top priority.

    Laurie and Rebecca also discussed the newly launched CIC Health initiative. CIC Health helps companies and academic institutions bring people back to work and school more safely by handling the logistics to make it possible for everyone coming to your office or campus to be tested for COVID-19 regularly.

    CIC Health employs the testing capability of the Broad Institute, the world’s leading genomics research organization, and the clinician network of PWN Health in order to make regular COVID-19 testing approachable and affordable.

    In addition to their established protocol capable of delivering results in 24 hours on average, CIC Health is actively evaluating next-generation, lower-cost technologies that provide immediate test results on site.

    Watch the interview to find out how the program works, who is eligible and when it may soon be available at CIC Providence.

    Quote of Note

    "We've seen the lion's share of our clients decide to invest with CIC, to remain affiliated with CIC Providence, and we're coming out the other side...Our revenue has recovered. We are eager to see companies taking advantage of our flexible model. Our pipeline is keeping us busy."

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