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  • Chamber Supports Five Rhode Island Ballot Measures

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    The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has voted to support five statewide ballot measures Rhode Islanders will be deciding on Election Day, November 8. 

    Citing the importance of investing in the state’s education, infrastructure, housing and the need for even greater job growth and government accountability, the Chamber’s Board agreed that ballot questions 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 should be approved.

    “It is critical that Rhode Island remain focused on fiscally responsible investment and strategies to strengthen the economy and make the state more attractive to employers and workers,” said Laurie White, president of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce. “Ballot questions 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 will boost efforts to improve workforce training, infrastructure, job creation, government and the overall business climate.”

    Laurie White continued: “In particular, the Chamber has consistently championed proposals that help URI and our other public higher education institutions prepare students to think critically and achieve professional success. With added investment, URI’s College of Engineering will continue to be a boon for students and for local businesses looking to hire top-notch talent.” 

    “The availability of good-paying jobs and affordable housing will encourage more college graduates and skilled workers to stay in Rhode Island. We urge voters to support these ballot measures on November 8,” White said.

    The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce supports the following ballot questions:

    •    Question 1: Rhode Island Twin River Casino in Tiverton - If voters approve Question 1 on the statewide ballot and Question 8 on the local Tiverton ballot, the Twin River Tiverton Casino and Hotel will be built near the Massachusetts border off of Route 24. Twin River-Tiverton will provide approximately 550-600 jobs. Yeson1

    •    Question 2: The Rhode Island Ethics Commission Amendment - A "yes" vote supports providing the Rhode Island Ethics Commission with authority to investigate alleged misconduct regarding legislative activities. Yeson2RI

    •    Question 4: Rhode Island Higher Education Bonds - $45.5 million investment to support public higher education in the following way (Yeson4ri):
    - University of Rhode Island College of Engineering - $25.5 million for comprehensive updates to existing facilities which will feature state-of-the-art classrooms and modern laboratories for the most sophisticated experimentation and research; and 

    - University of Rhode Island Affiliated Innovation Campus Program - $20 million for at least one innovation campus focused on student and business collaborations. This public-private partnership will capitalize on the world-class research and institutions in the state and turn those strengths into real jobs. 

    •    Question 5: Rhode Island Port Infrastructure Bonds - $70 million investment to improve and expand two of Rhode Island's key ports. Yeson5ports
              - $50 million in infrastructure improvements at Quonset’s Port of Davisville, and;
              - $20 million to expand terminal operations at the Port of Providence.

    •    Question 7: Rhode Island Affordable Housing Bonds - $50 million investment for the construction of 800 affordable homes and apartments across Rhode Island and to help cities and towns revitalize blighted and foreclosed properties in neighborhoods. The measure will also help create 1,700 good paying construction jobs. Yeson7ri
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