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  • ProJo: R.I. Lawmakers Greet Proposal for Legal Marijuana Cautiously

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    As published in the Providence Journal: 

    Gov. Gina Raimondo’s legislative effort to legalize recreational marijuana had its first rollout before lawmakers Tuesday, and the reception was, perhaps predictably, wary.

    Members of the Senate Finance and Senate Judiciary committees held a joint hearing on the 170-page proposal and raised several concerns.

    In submitted written testimony on Tuesday, two business groups raised concerns that legalization would make it more difficult for employers to find qualified and reliable employees and possibly infringe on their right not to hire someone who uses marijuana recreationally.

    The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, while not taking a position on recreational use, said, “Employers need the ability to set drug-policy standards that address their business’ needs.”

    Birenbaum told senators Tuesday that after hearing from the business groups that the initial proposal had been amended to address their concerns.

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